design and high-quality implementation
our studio
To build, to create, to construct, to implement — the space of possibilities succinctly and accurately describes what we work with.
our projects
    Each space is a new world that can be unraveled and felt. And the more experience one has, the more willingly these worlds open up and tell their story. What is this apartment about, what makes it unique, and who is it for? This is the experience of living design. It is within me, within you, within our children — within everyone. All of our projects are journeys and discoveries, to which we invite you.
    services/price list
    from 200$ per m2
    We always start with a conversation with the client to get a sense of their desires. Then a concept is born, the main idea, the atmosphere that is unique to this interior. After working out the stylistic concept, we move on to creating a layout and 3D visualization, which are supported by project documentation and collections of interior elements.
    To ensure that the intended design is not distorted during implementation, the "Prostranstvo" team carries out author supervision: careful control, visiting the site at least once a week, meetings with the working group, and unlimited answers to the builders' questions.
    from 2000$ per month
    from 1500$ per m2
    Roughing and finishing materials are not included in the price.
    Development of a sketch, approval of all drawings. As well as order support: from execution to installation.